For the record, virtual assistant certification is important. It’s something you should look for when hiring a VA specializing in real estate or insurance industry. But don’t put too much stock in it. Nothing can still trump the real, hard-earned experience and skills.

There’s the rub

VA certification is good to see on a Virtual Assistant’s resume. It says a lot of positive things like the said VA is certified to possess the necessary training, skills and personal conduct in business practices. VA certification implies that the certified virtual assistant has the know-how and has finished a high level of study. That certainly projects a lot of good, that is, on paper.

But here’s the rub though, virtual assistant certification is easy to fabricate and reports of recent years have shown us a proliferation of disreputable VA certification opportunists, unqualified people who will certify noobs and bonkers willing to pay good money.

Yet again, the Virtual Assistant industry does have a few respectable VA accreditation programs and professional associations. But the thing is: a certificate on a Virtual Assistant’s resume means little and won’t be a guarantee of competence and quality result.

The way to go

When it comes to hiring the professional virtual assistants, there’s still no substitute to experience and their actual performance. For instance, online marketing virtual assistants develop their skills through peer to peer training, reading online resources, and trial and error processes using their own niche websites. Truly skilled and qualified virtual assistants have earned their expertise through real world experience and ongoing business collaboration with clients. They are dedicated workers and lifelong learners of their line of work and they commit their time to engage in accumulating new skills and education. These are the type of professional freelance virtual assistants you should look for.

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Download your FREE copy of the ULTIMATE Virtual Assistant Salary Guide

We will collect, use and protect your data in
accordance with our privacy policy.