If you are an experienced virtual assistant (based here in the Philippines) looking to be hired by serious entrepreneurs overseas, with long-term employment in mind, please send an email to recruitment [at] virtualstafffinder [dot] com, attaching a copy of your most recent resume and any work examples you may have prepared. One of our locally-based, Filipino staff members will then contact you for an initial interview.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Testimonials from VA’s Hired through Virtual Staff Finder


[General Virtual Assistant]

“Since I gave birth I’ve been thinking of ways on getting back to work while taking care of my daughter. Thank God for home based jobs and Virtual Staff Finder for helping me find the most wonderful client! The VSF staff were very helpful and approachable. Now I can still do the things I love the most like marketing, designing and fulfilling my eagerness to learn! I can continue my passion for working while spending quality time with my lovely girl and my husband, too. Thanks VSF for this great opportunity! :)”



[General Virtual Assistant]

“I’ve been into Online Writing and Virtual Assistant jobs for 3 years, but the moment I became a part of Virtual Staff Finder I got the best client ever and was compensated thrice of my salary as a part time disc jockey and full time article writer. What I love most about Virtual Staff finder is the fact that all staffs are amiable and approachable. They are looking into both sides of the coin in which they are concern both with their clients who are looking for VA and their applicant’s who are looking for a virtual boss. I attest that I can never find any virtual company that can offer the same kind of great learning and earning opportunities aside from Virtual Staff Finder. Gracias Virtual Staff finder!”


Mary Ann

[SEO Writer/Blogger]

“I never knew Virtual Staff Finder could help me find work at home, and amazingly, it did and now I can watch over my aged parents while working and earning in the comfort of my home..Thanks!”



[General Virtual Assistant]

“It’s a great honor to be under the umbrella of Virtual Staff Finder. They trusted and gave me my very first full time VA job which allowed me to work at home and in the field of my expertise.
The experience of working alongside them and with my clients is exhilarating.Not only have I learned so much from the different projects I did (and still doing) but also gave me the chance to live my dream, that is to be compensated while working from home and be able to take care of my kids.
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Chris Ducker for continuously building up the company so that a Virtual Assistant like me can have the best of both worlds.
To my clients who trusted me with their businesses, I thank you too for the never ending support and for believing in me.”



[General Virtual Assistant]

“Virtual Staff Finder is really a great help in finding a full-time online job for me. It is my first time to have a client on my own and I did not experience any difficulty in doing the task. He is very accommodating, professional and gives detailed instructions for me to perform well. I would also want to thank and appreciate the staff of VSF for the good work in referring me to the client. My hats off to you! Thank you guys! God bless”



[General Virtual Assistant]

“Thank you Virtual Staff Finder for finding the best online job for me!
The processing of the application was swift. The staff assigned to me was very friendly and accommodating. She helped me along the way and even offered some tips on how to impress a potential employer/client. Luckily, I was hired by a nice lady who volunteered to increase the monthly salary I indicated. Isn’t that wonderful?
For those of you who are looking for an online job that fits your skills and qualifications and pays you well, have Virtual Staff Finder take care of that. It’s 100% free and definitely NOT a Scam!”



[General Virtual Assistant]

“The best thing that I like most about Virtual Staff Finder is the fact that their staff is very friendly and approachable. Last March 2011, I was hired by one of the most professional client I ever had and that’s because of Virtual Staff Finder. I have been assisted by very friendly, accommodating and professional staff.

The company knows how to take care of their applicants and their clients. They make sure that both parties will receive what they deserve. I have been working online for a year now and I have been through different kinds of clients. The best way to avoid being scammed and protect yourself from unprofessional clients is to work with a professional team who knows a lot about outsourcing and not only that, they give people what they truly deserve!”



[SEO Specialist]

“If you are looking for an online job in the comfort of your own home, with good compensation and great employers based abroad, then VSF is the company to trust. With VSF’s helpful staff you’ll surely find yourself doing your home based dream job! I am an online Marketer, freelance SEO and VA for a year now and VSF has been helful in providing me really great clients to work with!”



[SEO Specialist]

“This is just a note to thank VIRTUAL STAFF FINDER for assisting me in looking for a home based job. I’m impressed at how efficient the service is and how much I’ve benefited in choosing the right position that matches my skills and interest. VIRTUAL STAFF FINDER for me is refreshing, extremely sincere and inspiring! You are the solution to all applicants to have their desired or rather dream job! And if you are looking for a position wherein the knowledge you have can be applied, where advancement, training and professional growth can be achieved VIRTUAL STAFF FINDER can help you just like how it helped me! Thank you so much!!!”



[General Virtual Assistant]

“Thank you so much Virtual Staff Finder for providing me with an employer who offered me a position that matches my skills and capabilities. The processes I’ve gone through are beyond my expectations. I’ve been working online for 5 years now finding work from one jobsite to the other. You were the best as the process is not too lengthy. I never thought that I get a full-time VA job within two weeks. Now I am working with an employer in Australia. They welcomed me nicely in their team. To those who want to have a stable career as work at home Mom try virtual staff finder.”



[General Virtual Assistant]

“I have been doing online/virtual jobs for over a year now, and Virtual Staff Finder is one of the best reliable/reputable company that gives better opportunity to remote workers to work with the best employers overseas. Virtual Staff Finder takes care of both the applicants and the employers concerns that leads to better and long term relationship. I will always be grateful for the wonderful opportunities and looking further for more in the future. Thanks Virtual Staff Finder!”



[General Virtual Assistant]

“It’s been a great experience working with VIRTUAL STAFF FINDER. I got a job with great compensation and with the comfort of working at home. I am really honored by the way VIRTUAL STAFF FINDER treat their clients and VA applicants. The staff do their best to help you find the right possible position with your skills and experience. All of their clients are professional people that are willing to share ideas with their employees. I truly recommend VIRTUAL STAFF FINDER to all my friends!”



[General Virtual Assistant]

“When I first got a call from Virtual Staff Finder, I didn’t hesitate to go for the job that they were offering me. What’s so good about them is that they gave me some hints and tips for me to impress my potential virtual boss in the interview. They’re not just interested in their clients, but also show concern for us applicants. They really want us to be hired. I’m so happy I got this job. My employers are really good. They’re really one of the best employers I’ve ever had! I couldn’t ask for more. Thanks to Virtual Staff Finder!”