7 Ways to Get More from Certified Virtual Assistants

What’s your single best tip to ensure you get what you want out of the certified virtual assistant you’ll hire? We’ll give you here not just one but 7 smart ways to guarantee a quality result.

But first off, one of the common reasons some business owners don’t get what they want from certified virtual assistants is because they are not very clear with what it is they hope to get, right off the bat. Sure I know, you may say. I want to double my productivity and earn more money.

VA CertificationPretty simple, isn’t it? Yes, but not really. Why? Because you can boost earnings in a number of ways. There are ways that are true to your type of business, and there are ways that are not. And a successful collaborative partnership with a professional virtual assistant requires a clear view of what it is you want to happen, right from the start.

The better you understand that and know what strategy to utilize prior to bringing a certified virtual assistant into the equation, the better the results will be. And so with that, we now get into the meat.

Here are the 7 smart ways to get more from working with a professional virtual assistant:
  1. Cherry-pick your virtual assistant. Each VA, especially the good one, has her niche or expertise. Match your VA’s skills and experience carefully to your specific business needs.
  2. Put together a clear task understanding. Make things clear and concise and don’t clip your certified virtual assistant’s wings too much, especially when it comes to research.
  3. Get a point man. You need someone who will facilitate the projects between you and the VA, and who will also answer you emails and calls promptly. Providing a point man is a wise idea. Virtual Staff Finder makes sure that you have one overseeing the projects to their completion.
  4. Come clean on deadlines. Tell your VA what you need and when you need them. Always come clean on deadlines and insist on establishing them right up front. We’re in this business because we want freedom to work on own time and setting up our own schedules. But this will only work if you set those schedules and stick to them.
  5. Cut the fairest virtual assistant salary. This is the best way to get the most of working with a certified VA. The fairest virtual assistant rates are performance-based.
  6. Interaction and feedback. A successful business partnership is a collaborative effort between the VA and the client. When something pans out, you’ve to absolutely tell your VA. Likewise, when something doesn’t work out well, tell her that too.
  7. Keep your virtual assistant motivated and happy. Be always nice. Pay your VA based on her performance and pay on time. These are just some of the simple things you can do to motivate your VA and keep her happy working for you.

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