5 Tasks a Freelance Virtual Assistant Can Do for You

Working with freelance virtual assistants for over 3 years has been a great experience for our company. Our current virtual assistants are a bunch of whizzes at getting repetitive tasks done and freeing the key employees in the company to focus on the important tasks that create more value and generate money. If you’ve got a growing projects and tasks on your plate, hiring a freelance virtual assistant would be a wise option.

Here are the 5 virtual assistant jobs that would be relatively easy for home-based virtual assistants to handle for you, gaining you time and energy to focus on completing tasks that generate revenue.

Manage your emails. A freelance virtual admin assistant can clean out your inbox: sort out important emails and less useful items. There are probably piles of junk mails, newsletters, and important client emails sitting in your inbox right now. Clearing them out yourself every day may not be a good idea of using your time and talents effectively. Let your VA manage them for you and, if you want, you can tell her also to answer basic emails or send reminders to some of your clients.

Handle the tedious and time-consuming tasks when starting a new project.
You can still be the hands on architect of a new project. But why not just do the smart work, while you delegate the nuts and bolts and necessary legworks of setting up a new project to your Virtual executive assistant.

Set up appointments.
There are times when setting up appointments with clients will take days of back-and-forth emails. You can give your virtual personal assistant or virtual sales assistant the instructions to handle appointment setting tasks and your own schedule as well.

Generate leads for your business.
Getting more clients and new projects are essential to your business. With some clear instructions and training, your virtual assistants can handle them for you. They can utilize various ways to search and research about your potential clients, which again require a lot of time.

Repetitive elements (yet also important) of your work.
You probably experience the daunting tasks of repetitiously moderating the comments of your blog, updating blog posts, and employing SEO techniques every single day. Instead of wasting your time doing all these activities that have been keeping you from meeting new clients, it is best to let your freelance virtual assistant SEO do all the repetitive aspects of your work. If you need to increase your online personal branding presence, the freelance graphics and web developer are just right for your project. In fact you do not need to write any single word for your website. You can just hire an experienced professional writer from virtualstafffinder.com to produce all your needed contents.

Get Started

As a savvy business owner, you know that there are only so many hours in a day to get things done. And you also know that you want to maximize those hours doing and completing projects that generate the most dollars. So what have been keeping you from hiring a freelance virtual assistant and experiencing success in your business?