The 3 Essentials of a Killer Virtual Assistant Resume

Looking at a virtual assistant resume and determining whether a VA has packed enough qualifications – to know if she’s right for the job – can be really daunting to some employers. With a vast numbers of professional virtual assistants today, plus a lot of other virtual job seekers who called themselves certified virtual assistants after only a couple of weeks of training with some VA professional association, it would be tough for some employers to hire truly qualified candidate.

virtual assistant resume

So what’s to look for in a virtual assistant resume? Or for VAs, how long or short a resume should be and what’s to include and not to include in it? Below are the 3 essentials of a killer virtual assistant resume that will stop employers in their tracks, for good reasons.


This is a singular essential factor that can stand on its own. With all things considered, nothing still trumps a hard-earned experience. At least five years of it is the standard, which makes a virtual assistant best qualified for a certain job. If you’re an employer, you can obviously save time by going straight to the part where the applicant listed her experience. If you’re a VA and you’ve a solid track record of skills and experience, it’s the part that you should highlight on your resume.

Killer headline

Headlines rule the internet, grabbing the attention of people and compelling them to read the entire content. When writing the headline, follow the 10-second rule of getting the interest of the employers. With a dynamic headline, you are creating a brand unique to yourself. The headline should sum-up the objective or main career purpose in a crisp and sweet marketing clincher on your resume.

Get Started

Hip and smart virtual assistant resume template

With the new era of virtual assistants comes an era of the hip, the geeky, and the smart. Traditional resumes with the usual chronological order of the basics highlighting this and that achievements are passé. Get rid of them. Present your qualifications in a spectacular, fresh way. Simply put, sell your virtual assistant resume smartly.