How Much Do Virtual Assistants Make?

much moneyHow much does a virtual assistant make (VA) depends on certain variables. Some of them include the type of services they offer, skill sets, years of experience, and the clients. For instance, a virtual assistant will, of course, get higher rates working for big companies than providing services to small business owners who will naturally haggle for a smaller, better deal.

One singular variable when asking the question ‘how much do virtual assistants make?’ is their location. This means, if you are a business owner and you hire a virtual assistant from the Philippines, you will be able to get the skilled virtual assistant you’re looking for at a lower cost compare to hiring a VA from the US or other Western country.

A General virtual assistant from the Philippines earns $450 to $600 per month full-time depending on skills and experience.

The cost goes higher for relatively rare types of skills and expertise such as online copywriters, SEO specialists, Web Developer, among others.

Another important factor also to consider how much do virtual assistants charge is whether she works for a virtual assistant company, or working as a freelance virtual assistant.

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Working for a Virtual Assistant Company

There are pros and cons. The upsides with working for a virtual assistant company include better job opportunity options, a regular office (or they can choose to work at home), necessary equipment, software, proper training and materials. Virtual assistants working in a company won’t be short with projects and jobs, which are best suited to their skills. The company also provides them with complete benefits. The downside is that they will not have the final say of how much to charge for the virtual assistant services. They can always request for a pay raise though anytime.

Working as Freelance Virtual Assistant

Freelance home based virtual assistant, on other hand, has its own share of downsides and advantages. As freelance work from home virtual assistant, you’ve a free hand of everything especially on setting your own rates and choosing the clients you want to work for. Finding the right clients though can be very tedious than working with a well-connected virtual assistant company. Paying the usual bills and buying your own equipment, latest tools, software, materials and training can pose some serious concerns, too.

Lastly, to both virtual assistant and clients, the real issue really is not how much do virtual assistants make per hour, or a month, but cutting the fairest deal. Gaining an upper hand will never be a good idea on the long run. All things considered, making sure that both sides benefit from the collaborative business relationship, with the salary based on skills and performance, is the smart way to go.