What a Virtual Assistant Can Do for You and Your Business

In this modern day and age, everyone is looking for a way to get things done quicker and more ...

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4 Smart Steps to Establishing a Successful Online Brand


Creating quality products isn’t enough to produce sales. There are other important factors involved. As a businessman, you have to make sure that you don’t just create a product that really benefits the target consumers, but also establish an easily recognizable, trusted brand. The online market is a super huge, complex ...

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Empowering Entrepreneurs with Cebu's First Ever Coworking Space

Virtual Office in Cebu

The success of outsourcing in the Philippines has made the growing community of virtual assistants (VAs) even bigger. Today, more and more employees are trading their regular 9-6 jobs for a home-based work. With this trend, innovative businessmen are looking for ways to provide foreign clients and local virtual assistants new ...

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Build a Better Business Through Blogging & Working with Virtual Assistants!


Blogs come in a variety of formats, themes, and purposes that can serve either as a personal journal or a profitable niche. In the modern business world, a blog is not just an entrepreneur's journal. It's an effective tool to increase productivity and find new business prospects. ...

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7 Easy Ways to Train and Get More Productivity from Internet Marketing Virtual Assistants


What’s the best single way to ensure you get what you want out of the virtual assistants you’ll hire? In today’s post, we’ll give you not only one, but seven excellent ways to guarantee quality results from employing an internet marketing, or SEO virtual assistant (VA) for your business. But, first ...

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Virtual Assistant Outsourcing Notes: The Big Three of Website Creation


Creating an ideal website shouldn't just rely on planning out the structure. It's the combination of the basic elements and the latest trends of website development. These are the BIG THREE tasks that you can outsource almost immediately to a virtual assistant and make your website even more marketable. Web Design and ...

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Outsourcing 101: Tasks You Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant


Time is precious for any entrepreneur - it's our most valuable commodity. Spending it on time-consuming  tasks such as schedule management and updating social media profiles is definitely not a smart choice for any entrepreneur. Years ago, business owners had no choice but to do all of these types of tasks themselves, or ...

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What Every Entrepreneurs Need to Know about Virtual Assistant

tips to effectively work with virtual assistants

Entrepreneurs are always excited to develop every aspect of their business, and this is the very reason why they hire professional virtual assistants. Freelance virtual assistants act as online secretary for busy entrepreneurs. Delegating tasks to VA's allows you to use your time wisely - instead of working on your ...

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How to Protect Login Access Information with Home-based Virtual Assistant

VSF Staff

The concept of outsourcing is not a novel trend.  However, the issue of privacy remains unresolved. For businessmen hiring virtual assistants, giving them critical information, such as log in access to a website CMS, Aweber email marketing CMS, Cpanel hosting ...

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Benefits of Virtual Assistant Transcription Services

VA transcription

Virtual assistant transcription services have been around the online employment. Virtual Staff Finder has the best team of accurate and hardworking transcription assistants in town! Have a written version of your audio data in no time by hiring the best online transcribers. If you are a typical businessman who wants to ...

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