The Myth Of The Super VA


The idea of a super-VA is the big kahuna—the one mistake that I see entrepreneurs who are getting started with outsourcing make over and over again. Read these words carefully: there’s no such thing as a super-VA.

It drives me crazy when an entrepreneur sets out to find that one special VA who can do all of the work in his or her business. I can’t tell you how many requests we receive at Virtual Staff Finder from entrepreneurs who are looking for VAs who can handle all of the following tasks and more:

  • update blog posts
  • manage social media
  • edit video
  • transcribe audio
  • create custom images and icons
  • design and develop websites
  • respond to customer support tickets
  • research and recruit affiliates
  • do Amazon shopping for birthday gifts for loved ones

There’s nothing wrong with trying to outsource a scattered group of tasks and projects, but a single VA is not your answer.

As a business owner, I can relate to the multiple hats entrepreneurs need to wear in order to get things done. However, filling your business with more entrepreneurial types who also think that they can do it all is the last thing you should do. Your focus needs to shift from finding a super-VA to identifying the specific roles your business needs to fill.

Remember, empire-building equals team-building—and you have to identify the positions your team needs before you begin recruiting the players.