Virtual assistant contract form

It’s always wise to have a signed work agreement. Whether you’re a virtual assistant or a business owner hiring a VA for your business, a signed virtual assistant contract form or a letter of agreement is very important to know up front the details of the project. It will also make everything legal, binding and confidential.

A typical virtual assistant contract template is a one-page document, sometimes comprises of many pages depending on the number of factors and necessary information you want to include in the contract. It should contain crucial elements found in a client-independent contractor working agreement such as description of services, payment method, and confidentiality, among others.

To give you some general idea of what’s inside the virtual assistant contract form, here are the important components that must be included in the contract:

• Introduction (This gives us the date, name of the service provider, address, contact details, and the name of the client).
• Description of Services
• Schedule and Days Off
• Payment Method for Services (This will also indicate the salary for your virtual assistant.)
• Term of Agreement (This also include the termination agreement)
• Nondisclosure and Nonsolicitation
• Relationship of Parties (This indicates that the VA is an independent contractor and not an employee. With that, the client is not under any obligation to provide fringe benefits such as health insurance, paid vacation or other employee benefits.)
• Work Product Ownership
• Liability
• Confidentiality
• Entire Agreement
• Severability

Here’s a typical sample of a virtual assistant contract template:

Virtual Assistant Contract Agreement

Company Name:
Company Address:
Telephone Number:
Mobile Number:
Contract Type:

This document is a binding virtual assistant contract agreement between (Name of Client) and (Name of the Service Provider).

Services to Be Provided: The Virtual  Administrative Assistant (VA) will perform administrative works to the client during the length of the contract. The VA will also provide blog management and advisory services to the client when requested.

Payment for Services: The client will pay compensation to the VA for the services based on (fee amount). This payment will be payable and due upon receipt of invoice. Accepted payments will be through PayPal, Checks, or Western Union.

Terms of Agreement: This letter of agreement will be effective ___________, 2012.


Name of Client:

Date Signed:


Name of Virtual Assistant Provider:

Date Signed:


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* Please note that this is only a sample virtual assistant contract template. You can create your own that suits to your business.

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Download your FREE copy of the ULTIMATE Virtual Assistant Salary Guide

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