Is Signing a Virtual Assistant Contract Necessary?

There are virtual assistant service providers that wouldn’t consider doing business with a client without a signed contract. Likewise, there are clients as well who demand the same thing from VAs. But, there are instances also that getting by without having to sign any virtual assistant contract template works just fine. In these cases, both parties would only need a letter of agreement.

Do you have to sign a contract outsourcing with VSF?

Virtual Assistant Contract TemplateAt Virtual Staff Finder, the top priority is providing the best quality service possible. We provide our service on a month to month basis. We also offer a 10-day guarantee. If you’re not happy with your virtual assistant after ten days (and mind you this happens very rarely), you can still choose among 3 best qualified candidates without any charge. Or when the virtual assistant service doesn’t satisfy you after one month, you can simply stop the project.

We expect our high quality service to stand on its own merits

We take pride of our work and honor our commitment to giving high quality service that no virtual assistant contract template is necessary. We have plenty of experience and together with our intelligent approach in virtual assistant service we can assure our clients the quality results they want.

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How do you ensure that confidential data is protected?

VSF has a stringent Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy to make sure that our clients are properly protected in the strictest manner. You can just send us an email and we can work out the best possible agreement.

If our smart approach to delivering virtual assistant services makes sense to you, just hit the get started button and you’re ready to go. We will take your business from jumpstart to awesome!