Virtual Assistant Outsourcing Notes: The Big Three of Website Creation

Creating an ideal website shouldn’t just rely on planning out the structure. It’s the combination of the basic elements and the latest trends of website development.

These are the BIG THREE tasks that you can outsource almost immediately to a virtual assistant and make your website even more marketable.

Web Design and Development

Web design refers to how you visually present your website to users. The interface, the colors used, and the arrangement of the sections is what web design is about. In the Philippines, there are numerous talented freelance web designers who can come up with unique and marketable designs for your website.

Along with web designers, you also need an efficient web developer to make things running. You’d be lucky if you can get both skills in one VA, but it would be advisable to hire a web developer and a web designer to do the jobs separately.

Designers in the Philippines are more than just what they seem to be. They live up to the standards that a creative professional must have. Other than web design itself, Filipino web designers can do a lot of work like logo concepts, letter head designs, and other promotional materials that require graphic representation of your business.

Mobile App Development

The future of websites is in mobile phones. Modern entrepreneurs would like to go out and explore business possibilities rather than stay inside the office for hours. Today’s era of mobile phones and the internet made everything easier for a businessman on-the-go. They can explore business outside their company and be online at the same time.

In the Philippines, there are a growing number of mobile app developers. Truly, the mobile internet is the next big challenge in website development. With a dedicated virtual assistant, you’ll always be ready with to cater to the needs of your mobile visitors.

Video Editing


Videos are the future of marketing while people are becoming more and more attached to multimedia. Take this opportunity by creating your own videos with a virtual assistant video editor. There’s no limit to what a video can do for an entrepreneur.

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