7 Easy Ways to Train and Get More Productivity from Internet Marketing Virtual Assistants


What’s the best single way to ensure you get what you want out of the virtual assistants you’ll hire? In today’s post, we’ll give you not only one, but seven excellent ways to guarantee quality results from employing an internet marketing, or SEO virtual assistant (VA) for your business.

But, first things first, before we jump in…

Know Exactly What You Want

Make sure you define the vision you want to achieve and the actual tasks you want the virtual assistant to do to make it happen. These things may change over time, but the better you know in advance, the better you can prepare the VA before bringing them into the equation.

Now we get into the meat.

Below are the seven easy ways to make your Internet marketing virtual assistant,or SEO VA more effective and productive than ever before!

1. Think Long-Term When Training Your VA

Invest time and money, if need be, in training and developing your online marketing virtual assistant. Your success depends on it. Get your VA up to speed of how you like things done and bring them to thatcompetency level wherein you don’t have to explain every single thing.

If you don’t have much time to train them yourself, you may consider using an online VA training course or two that could benefit both of you. A perfect way to do this is by utilizing training programs such as Replace Myself, which is the perfect companion for any Internet marketing VA.Ultimately, the better your VAs at what they do, the more money you make as the boss.

2. Use Videos or Audio

Creating a series of training videos and audios is one of the most effective methods to improve the knowledge and skills of your marketing VAs. You can just send them links to videos or podcasts on how to utilize Web 2.0 or social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) marketing to drive more traffic to your website.

3. Put Together a Clear Task Understanding

Once you think the VA is ready to start with a project, be sure to provide her with a clear task understanding. When giving daily or weekly tasks, you’ve to see to it that things are pretty clear and sufficiently understood. Talk it out at least twice with your VA to ensure she’s on the right track.

4. Come Clean on Deadlines

Tell your VA what you need and when you need them, right up front. However, you have to set realistic task timelines. It may also work fine for the working relationship to give them some breathing room from time to time though.

5. Give Feedback

Giving positive feedback here, some kind words there will go a long way. This can greatly help to make your VAs feel appreciated and keep them motivated. But when something doesn’t work, you have to them that too, and tell them why. If the VA is worth her salt, she’ll figure out something to make things right.

6. Stay Connected

Communication is key as always. It leads to a better relationship and avoids misunderstanding. There’s more on this subject in the Replace Myself program. Stay connected with your VAs to keep them on tasks and keep you up to date of the project. Ask them to send you an email detailing what they’ve accomplished at the end of a working day, and be sure to show appreciation of their works.

7. Cut the Fairest Deal

Your virtual assistants have families to feed and bills to pay like you do. They work hard to meet their daily needs. Compensate them fairly and pay them on time, always.

Final thoughts

The days of the entrepreneur doing everything to build his or her business is dead. With the help of well-trained virtual assistants, you no longer have to be the internet marketer, content writer, link builder, and Adwords manager. You can still do all these things, but you know, of course, that’s not the smartest way to run your business.

Get Started

Hiring and training your virtual assistants is just like cloning yourself and getting more things done for your business.

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Download your FREE copy of the ULTIMATE Virtual Assistant Salary Guide

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