• Pat Flynn


    "I was introduced to Chris Ducker’s Virtual Staff Finder service and was immediately impressed with the quality of the staff offered to me. I’ve never seen a more professional and punctual VA hub. I highly recommend this service from a real outsourcing expert!"

  • David Risely


    "I really appreciate the help of Virtual Staff Finder in helping me track down my first full-time virtual assistant. As any entrepreneur can attest, making that leap can be, well… interesting. But, having the help of VSF and Chris Ducker was a big help. I’m already setting my sights on having them help me find a developer, too. :-)"

  • Gideon Shalwick


    "A while ago I was snowed under with new work as a result of a really successful product launch online. I did not have the time and energy to go out and look for great VA’s to help me with the admin load. Luckily someone recommended Chris and his team at Virtual Staff Finder. They took care of all the hassles for me – from searching for the right person, to doing the initial screening, and then gave me a shortlist of 3 potential VA’s. They were all great quality, but I could only choose one and she has been fantastic to say the least! Overall, Virtual Staff Finder has saved me a lot of time and hassle with finding the right person!"

  • Brian Moran


    "Virtual Staff Finder saved me probably 10 hours of my own time. I didn’t have to do any of the research or deal with any of the hassle of finding my own VA. I’m looking forward to working with them again"

  • Corbett Barr


    "First of all, I can’t imagine doing this on my own. I think Virtual Staff Finder is a no brainer if you’re looking to hire someone overseas. How would you do that yourself? You would look at Craigslist or something and it would just be a whole big process of going through dozens and dozens of resumes and false positives and all that kind of stuff. So virtual staff finder no doubt saved me a ton of time… Basically all I had to do was tell you guys what I was looking for, when I am available and then show up for the interviews. I mean it couldn’t be much easier than that!"

  • Srinivas Rao


    "Working with the VSF service has significantly increased my confidence in working with remote staff. You might be tempted to go to eLance or one of the big outsourcing sites, but having a smart entrepreneur like Chris as a filter will significantly increase your success working with VA’s"

  • Thomas Ewer


    "The idea of finding a good virtual business assistant on my own was terrifying, and I am happy to say that using Virtual Staff Finder's service was money well spent. They presented me with three good candidates, from which I was able to select someone who has been doing a great job for me so far. I know where I'll be going next time I need a new virtual assistant!"

  • Steve Ciske


    "My experience with Virtual Staff Finder was wonderful. They were prompt, punctual, and professional. They found me three very qualified candidates and I’m very happy with the choice I made for my new VA. I wish I knew about VSF sooner."

  • Dallas Piscopo


    "My first experience hiring a virtual assistant was smooth, professional, and surprisingly easy thanks to Virtual Staff Finder. Their team, under the direction of the most helpful Stephanie, were able to line up three qualified candidates within days for me to choose from. I'm very happy with the VA that was located for me and as my business grows I hope to use Virtual Staff Finder again in the near future. "

  • Nicholas Turner


    "I have never worked with any virtual assistants before and finally took the plunge when Virtual Staff Finder offered to assist me. It was such a great experience having worked with people so professional, who works fast and most of all thanks to their great recruitment selection, I got the right Virtual Assistant I've been looking for. I intend to stay in touch and take advantage of the services Virtual Staff Finder has to offer. Special thanks goes to Steph for a job well done for so short a time. Keep it up!"

  • Robb Sutton


    "You guys took the thinking out of it for me. I was worried and one of the reasons why I haven’t done it for a long time is because I don’t know how to do it. I know how to train people, I know how to hire people but I have zero experience on outsourcing so I needed someone to shorten that learning curve for me and that’s what you guys did. So after I came to you, you presented three people to me, I interviewed three people, found one that worked and I was up and running in like a week and a half—two weeks max. So it was a great experience!"

  • Steve Dixon

    dixon sports

    "Hiring a Virtual Office Assistant has to be one of my wisest decisions. I am now able to manage my time more efficiently by outsourcing time consuming & difficult tasks to my VA. This saves me ‘TIME’ and ‘MONEY’!!! Working with the Team at Virtual Staff Finder made the mine field of hiring a VA in the Philippines an absolute dream through their meticulous process of screening and filtering applicants. For such a minimal investment, VSF is a must for anyone looking to hire a VA."

  • Naomi Findlay


    "Working with Virtual Staff finder was a simple and stress free process, they responded promptly to all my questions and requests and most importantly they have provided me with a VA that has made a huge difference to my workload. Thank you!"

  • Andy Moquin


    "I was referred to Virtual Staff Finder by a friend that had used the service and I have to say it has been an amazing experience. I worked with the VSF team through the entire process and their work ethic and knowledge of the process were amazing. Words can't express how pleased I am with my decision to work with them, kudos to the entire staff and thank you again for all your help!!!"

  • Pip McKay


    "Wow Virtual Staff Finder was magnificent, I was amazed at how quick, easy and painless it was and the incredible quality of the people they found for me. I am so excited! When I first thought about having a VA I was really concerned. I am very, very busy in my coaching and training business because we are in the midst of rebranding and relaunching the business, as well as, running trainings, seeing clients and writing a book. There is only me and my part time PA and we are swamped with work. So I didn't know how I was going to find the time or head space to get a VA even though I knew we really needed one.

    When I heard about Chris Ducker I was really impressed by him and the idea that VSF would interview all the possible candidates and narrow the choices down to just three for me to chose from. It was all new to me and they were so supportive. I sent in all my requirement and within a couple of weeks I had my 3 candidates. It was wonderful. It was a tough decision as they were all great, however, I found one person who really stood out and is everything I feel we need in the business. I am so happy and grateful thank you so much"

  • Jennifer McQuesten


    "Virtual Staff Finder makes things simple! This was our first time hiring a virtual assistant and the process from start to finish was very easy. The candidates were well qualified and our new virtual assistant is working out really well. Thank you so much! "

  • Wayne Edward Clarke


    ""Hiring through Virtual Staff Finder was the smartest thing I ever did! It has totally transformed my business. Every step of the process happened in the expected timeframe, and Steph was very courteous. The best part was how amazingly qualified the candidates I was presented with were, especially the candidate I hired. He has amazing credentials, and working with him has been a complete pleasure. Right now we're up to our elbows in the complete rebuilding of every aspect of my business. My sincere thanks to the VSF team for a job well done, and to Chris C. Ducker for being my #1 business guru!""

  • Aaron Fletcher


    "I first found about Chris and Virtual Staff Finder while listening to an interview he did on Pat Flynn's Smart Passive Income Podcast.

    In this interview alone, Chris covered enough valuable information about outsourcing, categories of VA's and best practices to fill an information product or e-book!

    I immediately went to virtualstafffinder.com and placed an order for our first full time VA position.

    We had a 30 minute consultation with Chris Ducker that I can't speak highly enough of him. He quickly gained an understanding of our business.Mr. Ducker then helped us identify where and how outsourced resources could best help us achieve our business goals, offering dozens of best practices and tips along the way. Chris walks that fine line between being very open and engaging, while clearly an expert in his trade at the same time. I could quickly tell how much passion Chrus applies to what he does, and it shows in the results.

    What came next really blew me away: My VSF rep, immediately contact us, captured and posted the job requirement, answered all of our questions and sent us three amazing candidates, one of which we hired. For the record, she speaks better English than I do 🙂

    To say that I highly recommend VSF for all online business owners (many of you don't know how badly you need a VA) would be an understatement.Contact these guys and get the ball rolling now! "

  • Paul Sargaison


    "I had been working really hard in my business for some time doing the day to day things that take up all your day and not really getting anywhere. Then I heard about Virtual Staff finder and I thought "What a brilliant idea for solving my problem!.
    My whole experience with the team has been flawless. I received resumes and profiles on 3 great candidates and after interviewing all three. We hired a VA to handle all our Photographic retouching. She is quick to learn and we are already looking at training her in other roles. A big thanks to the VSF team and Chris for a great service!"

  • John Falchetto


    "The service Chris and his team offers is second to none. Sure you can always go to Elance and try your luck, but it's a hit and miss experience.
    Virtual Staff Finder understands the business of the location independent entrepreneur and will work hard (even overtime) to make sure you are completly satisfied with the person they select for you.
    Make your life easier now, get a professional VA the right way, contact Chris. "

  • Steven Fox


    "I had a very pleasant experience with the team at Virtual Staff Finder as they helped me to find a terriffic VA to help me expand my business. This was my first time hiring a VA online and I was a little nervous about it, but they made the process extremely simple and sent me three well-qualified candidates to choose from. I had previously heard great things about them from several other people, and now I know why after seeing the exceptional value that they provide. I will be using Virtual Staff Finder again in the future to find additional assistants."

  • Colin Boyd


    "The service that virtual staff find provided helped me easily hire a Virtual staff assistant. It was the first time I've used a virtual staff member and they made it very simple and professional. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending the service for those people who are new to the virtual assistant industry."

  • Brendan Tully


    "This is my second time using Virtual Staff Finder and I'm even more impressed with the result this time! I've recommended VSF to several colleagues since I first used the service and will continue to do so."

  • Ronnie Harper


    "Time is money and using virtual staff finder saved us money. We received three top candidates based on our written job description and wanted to hire all three of them. It was a pleasure doing business with Virtual Staff Finder and we look forward to hiring more staff as our business grows in the future."

  • Jason & Elizabeth Vance


    "Working with Virtual Staff Finder took all the worry and questions out of the equation for me. It made the whole process of hiring a VA so easy and they gave me resources and help I didn't ask for that proved very valuable. They really know what they are doing."

  • Robert Farrington


    "I have been growing my business for several years, and had been short of time with my business and family, so I knew I needed a virtual assistant. However, I wasn't quite sure how to go about it. I actually was pitched by another virtual staff finding company, and gave them a chance, but was highly disappointed with the process. The candidates were low quality, and one even tried to re-negotiate with me after the interview. Needless to say, I was appalled.

    However, I still needed a virtual assistant, so I came to Virtual Staff Finder. From day 1, the process was easy. I was able to send in my tasks required, and every VA I interviewed was versed in the tasked I needed and had experience in each area. They were great candidates that actually made the choice very difficult. And now, after having my VA for a week, I'm so glad I chose VSF and found an excellent VA."

  • Harshad Ghodke


    "Outsourcing work is very important if you want to complete projects on time. I have been hiring people to work online with me but it has been always difficult to find the right person. Virtual Staff Finder helped me in short-listing a few candidates as per my requirements. I interviewed a few candidates and found the right choice immediately. Thanks for saving my time"

  • Ryan Lee


    "I can't tell you how happy I was with the Virtual Staff Finder service. They saved me dozens of hours of reading resumes, interviewing and spinning my wheels. The investment was worth WAY MORE than what I paid - and I found a great full-time highly-skilled employee. I'm a happy camper and would recommend this service without hesitation."

  • Joon Lee


    "If you wish to grow your business in a Gangnam Style, try VirtualStaffFinder. It saves your precious time, money and you will be excited to put your business into turbo"

  • Buck Joffrey


    "I hired my first programmer through VSF and I'm glad I did. Outsourcing in a foreign country can be tough and it's reassuring to have an experienced team to guide you through the process and find quality help. I am very happy with my programmer and will certainly be a repeat customer of VSF"

  • Christian Strang


    "I recently started outsourcing tasks to virtual assistants. My first contact was with eLance and while you can find great virtual assistants on this and other platforms, I really like the approach VirtualStaffFinder.com takes. I don't have to review the VA's myself and can rely on the expertise of the virtualstafffinder team. It might take you a bit longer to find the right person for your business, but once you got him/her you have a reliable assistant that will help you grow your business."

  • Cathy Hammond


    "Our Managing Director decided she wants to help the staff out by “giving one hour back each day”. She thought some of the tasks that we do could be passed onto someone else like a VA. Leanne had been referred to Virtual Staff Finder very highly. After conducting research on the company Leanne decided she wanted to try it out. Our dedicated Project Manager, was very attentive to our needs and found us a great candidate. The whole process was very simple and easy."

  • Barry O`Kane


    "I have been absolutely delighted with the service from Virtual Staff Finder. We were able to find an excellent employee with minimum hassle. It was one of the best recruitment processes we have had of any kind! Many thanks to our Project Manager and everyone at Virtual Staff Finder, we will definitely be back when we are looking to grow the team."

  • Neil Jou


    "VSF has been awesome through the transition of finding VA, I couldnt have done without them! They made it convenient, precise, fun, exciting and easy on us while they go behind scenes to find the right VA to match your need for your VA! I couldnt ask for more, keep up the great professionalism! "

  • Julie Sheranosher


    "I was interested in VSF after hearing many good things about them. As a business owner I was afraid that even if the VA found for me will live up to my expectations, the whole process of finding and hiring them will take too much of my time. I often feel like what I truly need is an extra arm and leg, and not a VA, and this constant shortage of time led to the situation where I hire a VA only now. I was amazed - VSF did all the work for me - I wrote exactly what I need to be done, and got 3 option. I worked with a Project Manager, who is a super star in every aspect you can think of. I got not only a professional walking me through the process of hiring my first virtual staff member, but also an extremely sensitive friend who made it both efficient and easy. I had my share of hiring in the past, but never was it so intuitive - which shows you how easy it really was. I received a lineup of 3 people that were so talented and acquired all the skills I needed them to have, that the only thing that was left for me was to pick the one I liked better - sounds crazy, right? I will be returning and hiring more people via VSF, for me there will be no other way. And to all those entrepreneurs out there that heard horror stories about the process - you can relax, none of those happens at VSF - you have my word on it. "

  • Greg Hickman


    "As a newbie to hiring a VA I was a bit unsure of where to start. Thankfully I met Chris Ducker at NMX, discussed my needs in person and he even gave a great presentation showcasing the many things a VA can do for you. Working with VSF was great for me because I really didn't have the time to interview over 10 people. VSF really brought me 3 amazing candidates and it was truly difficult to pick. I'm super excited with my decision and look forward to working with VSF again as my team grows. I highly recommend anyone getting started with VA's or doesn't have the time to do the proper "weeding out" of candidates should check out VSF. A worthwhile Investment for sure!"

  • Amy Selbach


    "Working with Virtual Staff Finder was fast, easy and so well worth it. Hiring someone was a daunting task that I needed done but was procrastinating since this market was unknown to me. The candidates they provided were all great and it was hard to narrow it down to just one. It saved me countless hours scouring the internet and interviewing people. If you value your time and believe in outsourcing tasks to experts who know this market far better than you, this is an essential step. "

  • Nick Magiera


    "Wow! I am blown away by how smooth of a process this all was! In what seemed like just a few days, I had my three interviews that Virtual Staff Finder scheduled for me. All three candidates were amazing! I didn’t expect such amazing talent from all three of the virtual assistant candidates, and the hardest thing about this whole process was only choosing one of them to be my virtual assistant. I highly recommend Virtual Staff Finder and can’t wait until I’m ready to hire my next virtual assistant from them!"

  • Nathan Chan


    "I'm super impressed with Virtual Staff Finder! They've managed to help us recruit very exceptional talent to our team. Best company I've used to find online staff! "

  • Lea Pica


    "After evaluating several virtual staffing services, I chose VSF for their great reviews. I was not disappointed. The background information I was given on each candidate was extensive, and I felt extremely informed when meeting them. I was very impressed with my lineup, and had a tough time choosing! But I'm thrilled with my choice and can honestly say that I wouldn't know where I'd be without my new assistant. A truly invaluable service!"

  • Melanie Summer


    "It could not be made any easier to find a VA in the Philippines. Thank you VSF for helping me find some amazing team members. All we had to do was to complete a job description. After a bit over a week we had three candidates who we met over Skype and who were all fully qualified to do the job we advertised. All candidates were disc profiled, had done English tests, recorded their voice, had reference checks and also tested on the Values Index. They were all on time for their Skype interview and clearly keen to work with us. Two of them impressed us that much that we hired both of them on the spot. We still have to see the results but so far working with them has been great. I cannot imagine the process of hiring overseas been done any easier. It was a great experience and worth the money spent."

  • Chris Seiter


    "I am an online relationship coach and run one of the biggest relationship websites out there. Every day I am flooded with hundreds of emails and comments and was looking to hire a VA to help me with all of this. I was a little skeptical about hiring from the Philippines since English isn't primarily their first language. However, after working with Virtual Staff Finder I am blown away by the quality of candidates I was given to interview. In fact, the quality of candidates was so good I offered TWO of them jobs. Thank you Virtual Staff Finder you have no idea how grateful I am!"

  • Kate Erickson


    "Virtual Staff Finder is THE place to go when you're looking to grow your team and find top-notch quality virtual team members. We've now hired 4 virtual team members through VSF, and each time the process is even more seamless than the last. Looking for peace of mind that you'll hire a qualified virtual team member you can trust? Then VSF is for you!"

  • Chad Graue


    "I can honestly say that my overall experience in working with virtualstafffinder.com EXCEEDED my expectations…and I had high expectation at the outset after receiving several recommendations to use them from mentors and colleagues. 🙂 The professional staff at VSF communicated in a clear, concise way so I always knew what was expected of me in the process. They were quick to offer suggestions and input on my submitted Job Description AND provided me all the information and more than I needed to get to know, understand and then interview my final 3 candidates. ALL of which were quality candidates to consider for the role I was filling. Again, all around a great experience and I would (and will...) use Virtual Staff Finders again."

  • Benjamin Read


    "After several engagements with overseas contract staff through various online workplaces, I became frustrated with the often transient nature and seemingly bogus ratings and reviews of the contract workers. However, trying to build a cost effective team of virtual workers entirely remotely is a daunting prospect. The quick, efficient service provided by VSF in this regard has been a breath of fresh air. The intake process is smooth and VSF fully vet all candidates on the ground, greatly increasing the chances of making a successful hire who fits your organisation. We will certainly use VSF again for our overseas hiring needs."

  • Daniel Wong


    "It was a pleasure working with Virtual Staff Finder. They did a great job finding suitable candidates, and I appreciated their professionalism. I was impressed by the resources that Virtual Staff Finder provides, which teach business owners how to manage their virtual staff more effectively. Keep up the good work! "

  • Shana Anderson-Nute


    "Virtual Staff Finder is A-MAZING! I spent several hours on Elance posting my VA job and looking around at a VA to hire without any luck. I then heard about VSF and I decided my time was too valuable to continue my own search so I paid their fee (totally worth it) and within a week I had qualified VA’s to choose from. I was blown away at how much info. They also gave me a checklist and contract to have my new hire sign. So impressed! I will definitely be using VSF again! Great job!! "

  • Marcey Rader


    "Working with VSF made the stressful and a little bit scary process of hiring virtually very easy. I highly recommend buying the book Virtual Freedom before starting the process to know exactly what you need before writing your job description and starting your interviews. I found the three candidates I was given competent for what I needed. When one had an emergency, they replaced her immediately with someone to fill her interview slot. "

  • Angela Ponsford


    "Working with Virtual Staff Finder took all the stress out of finding a VA for our small business. We had been procrastinating over hiring a VA for several months, because we just never found the time to sit down and go through the process. Deciding to use Virtual Staff Finder was one of the best decisions we've made in our business, because we have ended up with an amazing VA that has very quickly become an invaluable part of our team."

  • Keith Lai


    "Virtual Staff Finder made the process of finding an amazing VA so simple. I didn't have to worry about the VAs being sleazy or unqualified. Everything was vetted by the VSF team and I couldn't be happier."

  • Scott Alan Turner


    "The VSF service was a pleasure to work with. They made the process of finding and interviewing qualified candidates painless and saved me hours of time from me trying to search on my own. The resources they provided helped me with the job description, interview, selecting a salary, and making sure I found the best person for the tasks I needed completing. I would recommend them to anyone and I would use the service again. "