How to Find Inexpensive Small Business Web Designer from the Philippines

Filipino web designerWant to have a business website that exudes uniqueness, professionalism, and trustworthiness? Start looking for a web designer that can help build your online profile, attract more traffic, and increase profitable growth. Fortunately, you don’t have to shell out a lot of money for designing and customizing your site. Hiring a quality yet inexpensive small business web design service from the Philippines is the way to go.

Here are four smart ways to find affordable web design and development services:

1. Hire a new graduate.

Find a fresh graduate web designer from the Philippines. You can often hire them at a lower rate than hiring an experienced and more skilled web designer. Be sure to ask for work samples and let the designer know upfront about your low budget for the project.

The following information below are just two of the top schools in the Philippines with training that can produce quality websites similar to the skill level of a web developer with a 2-year experience.

  1. University of the Philippines – The graduates from this school are very good in hard coding specially php and My-sql. They are Top University in the Philippinesalso good in graphics editing and animation since these are part of their curriculum and training.
  2. Cebu Institute of Technology – Known for being the topnotch school in Engineering and a center for excellence in Information Technology, this school is Cebu’s main source of quality web developers. Newly graduates are ready to produce quality websites using either open source platform or dot net.

Offer the designer to use your business website as a portfolio sample, or offer to write a testimonial, in exchange for a reduced rate.

2. Put the job on a bidding website.

You can use bidding job sites where you can find hordes of Filipino web designers and developers willing to work at lower rates. Many of them are fresh graduates and are still accumulating some experience and building work portfolios.

The outcome can be hit-and-miss, so you have to make sure to bid smartly and not go too low. Be sure also to include termination and revision clauses in your VA contract.

3. Publish job project to local online classified ad websites.

There are many local job boards and classified ad websites that cater to local businesses and jobseekers. Some of the popular classified websites in the Philippines include:

  • sulit is a top classified ads in the Philippines. The site holds the page rank of 4 with Alexa ranking of 107,414. Based on its internet indicators, the site proves to have a good authority as well as good readers. It is estimated to have 300 unique visitors every day. You can just post your project requirements to the job category of the site.
  • provides free online advertisement services for everyone. Your job posting will appear online for as long as 1 month. The site has been in the business for over 5 years. It has estimated visitors of 5,000 jobseekers daily.
  • is the number 1 online free classified ads in Cebu City since 2004. Through its Alexa rank of 76,928, it has an estimated 4,000 daily visitors.

Try to haggle for a lower rate commensurate with your web design project. If you only need some tweaks and changes on the logo or banner, or maybe you just need a sales page and a ‘buy now’ button, negotiate a reduced price for the task.

4. Use the best virtual assistant company in the Philippines

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