Empowering Entrepreneurs with Cebu's First
Ever Coworking Space

The success of outsourcing in the Philippines has made the growing community of virtual assistants (VAs) even bigger. Today, more and more employees are trading their regular 9-6 jobs for a home-based work.

With this trend, innovative businessmen are looking for ways to provide foreign clients and local virtual assistants new services, hence, the birth of Location63 Cebu’s first co-working space, virtual office and startup hotspot!

Virtual Office in Cebu

Why would you let your VA work in a coworking space rather than at home?

Making profit and making employees happy are two of the main ingredients of a successful business. A great businessman is driven by both; a terrible businessman is in it only for the former.

That said, letting your virtual assistant work in a co-working or shared office environment is a smart move because:

  1. VAs are more productive when they are provided with the right tools! Productivity is key both for you and your VA! When they don’t have to worry about their sky-rocketing internet or electric bill every month, they can focus on doing your tasks effectively! Not only that, it would also give YOU the ultimate peace of mind knowing you won’t have to worry about these dreaded “connection issues” and “power outages”. At Location 63, we got it all covered!
  2. It is where people with eager minds and unique working lifestyle gather together to build a collaborative community. Location 63 is a huge supporter of young entrepreneurs who want to take things to the next level and achieve something new! (VAs are considered independent entrepreneurs!)
  3. Working alone can sometimes get lonely. Filipinos are social creatures by nature. Making friends can sometimes be a reason for them to be motivated with their work and thus, stay longer. Having this fun and dynamic community can help your VA avoid boredom and being stagnant especially if tasks are a bit mundane.


Location63: the first coworking space in Cebu

A happy and productive virtual assistant is what every outsourcer needs.

Location63 was conceptualized with both the employers and virtual assistants in mind. The place is specially designed so that VAs can have a healthy, laid back and fun working environment. With these, VAs can be as productive as they can be which, as already mentioned, benefits their employers.

startup hobspot

What Location63 has to offer
Aside from a unique mini-Google office interior, here are some perks you’ll get from this awesome coworking space:

  • A super fast Wi-Fi connection which is 6x faster than the regular residential internet connection in the Philippines
  • Double ISP back-up systems to ensure 99.99% up-time
  • Back-up power generator to ensure continuity of work; continuity = productivity
  • Unlimited coffee and water to keep renters alert and hydrated
  • Community get-togethers and workshops to establish a “family” environment
  • And many more!


Who works in Location63?
  • Start-up entrepreneurs who are still on the process of building his/her team of Filipino virtual assistants
  • Foreign virtual assistant employers who want to provide a productive virtual office space for their virtual assistants
  • Expats who are getting tired of working in their apartments or hotel rooms day-in and day-out
  • Transient local and business travelers who are in the city for business and are looking for a good ‘WiFi-ed’ place where they can work without interruption
  • Local VAs who frequent coffee shops for free wifi and are in hunt for a new ‘temporary office space’


Final thoughts

Many virtual assistants would argue that the idea of co-working space defeats the purpose of working home-based. It does not. Here’s why:

  • Just like working home-based, no one’s there to watch over your shoulder while you work; your employer will still be offshore.
  • You can take as many coffee breaks as you want.
  • You take your most favorite spot and work there the entire day or you can transfer from one working space to another.
  • You can work lying down, perched on a chair or sofa if that’s what it takes to make your job done, nobody’s there to tell you not to.

Coworking shared office space is all about mutual respect and productive collaboration. You can do whatever you want in there as long as it does not interrupt the work of your co-renters.